Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Expository Introduction :D

Many sources have proof that man is the main reason that is leading to global warming.. Even the IPCC admits that man is on of the cause of global warming. By the end of the century, 100,000000 people would be drowning. The amount of C02 that is emitted by man to the atmosphere is the main reason why the ozone layer is getting thinner and thinner which cause global warming. In 1970, NASA launched a satellite measuring infrared spectra because increased C02 in the atmosphere absorbs more infrared radiation. Recently in 1996, Japanese Space Launched the similar satellite and both this satellites from NASA and Japanese Space Agency is similar. The amount of C02 and CH4 is rising in the atmosphere. 

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  1. this seems like an extended general statement. You have not interpreted the keywords and there is also no thesis statement.