Thursday, 14 March 2013


Also,the increasing access to information on the internet has created more problems than solutions especially in the area of the security of one’s privacy on the internet.

Social media platforms has led to a much more effective communication system as many people are able to communication with each other with just the click of a button.As there is a surge in the popularity and usage of social media platforms,it has become much easier to mingle with friends or strangers using the various platforms.In the past,Personal information about an individual is only known to the person’s comrades.However,with the increasing usage of social media platforms,personal information and day to day activities of an individual is now easily accessible by anyone who added or subscribed to the individual on these platforms.This even includes strangers that an individual might not even know.Hence,it has become very dangerous to post private information online as many strangers,some with ill intentions,have easy access to these information.Therefore,these strangers,with access to information like an individual’s home address and cellphone number,might harass and stalk the individual or even carry out actions with ill intentions on that certain individual.Hence,Personal information on the internet is not private and secured anymore as anyone could have access to it. Although the internet has allowed better communication between many people,many user of the internet have lost their privacy as anyone could access the private information of these individuals.Thus there is a huge decrease in the amount of personal information being safeguarded.

A good example of the lack of privacy of individuals would be from the buzzing social media platform called Facebook.With its 1 billion users during september 2012,Facebook has officially became the most frequently accessed Social media platform with the most users.However,it is reported that many companies who have created applications on Facebook have been obtaining the private information of users to be used to refine their marketing strategies.Also,there have been incidents of stalking cases by random strangers.This is also due to the sharing of personal information on the internet.It  is thus evident that there is a lack of security of the privacy of individuals due to the increasing access of information on the internet.

Hence,the increasing access of information on the internet has much more disadvantages than advantages.The internet is only useful when it facilitates better communication and help create a cosmopolitan society.However,when there is a breach in one’s personal privacy,there is a possibility that the increasing access to information on the  internet might place an individual in great danger.Hence,the age old method of face to face communication might be a better and safer choice of communication.


  1. i cannot see the relevance of your argument because i do not read any 'advantages'.

  2. Mr Lim..the advantages is the point on more effective communication!