Wednesday, 13 March 2013

PEEL on level test question 1

º Ease of use and convenience

The increasing access to information on the internet has created more solutions than problems, especially in the technological field as the ease of obtaining massive amounts of information has made it easier and much more convenient for people to do so.

As more information is available much more easily on the internet, more knowledge is easily accessible at our fingertips. The internet has made the sharing and obtaining of knowledge so much more easy and convenient. The internet has made it so that the information can be obtained at anywhere, at any time. Even if the person who wants information is not living anywhere near a library or a source of information, it is easier and much more convenient for him/ her to obtain the information they need straight from the internet, rather than going the distance all the way to a library, where the information may take another hour or two before it can be found.

A good example to illustrate this point is Google, a search engine that helps users find what they want in a very short amount of time. The ease and convenience of using Google as a search engine to find the information they need is one of the plus points by using the internet. Information obtained through the increasing access of the internet thus is way easier and convenient than running down to the nearest library and then going through a thorough search again to find what the person is looking for by flipping the many pages of the hardcopy research articles.

As such, the increasing access to information on the internet is actually more of a boon than a bane. The ease and convenience of the information has led to the internet being one of the most outstanding platform in obtaining information. Being easy to access is also one of its main advantages as users are able to have access it anywhere and at any time.



The increasing access to information on the internet has caused as many problems as it has solved.

With the increasing usage of the internet,finding information,games and movies without a license off a third party site has became common despite not having the permission from the original owner to distribute them.With people finding it easier and free to get the things they want online,companies making such contents or information will not only lose their commission but also their users.The increasing number of users that are able to pirate easily,the illegal act of downloading original content,has increased greatly causing content producers to be wary about posting information online in an attempt of protecting their content production.

A good example to illustrate this point is in January 2012,Megaupload, a file sharing site contained millions of illegal materials,was taken down by the FBI due to copyright infringement claims by owners of said materials.They included musicians and game companies that distributed their products digitally.Before the removal of Megaupload gaming companies were losing thousands of users and commissions causing many to be wary or posting games online.

As such, the increasing access to information on the internet is actually more of a band than a boon.Being legal is the only way to way to go in life.The unlawful act of piracy and copyright infringement could only cause content producers to be wary resulting in them stopping their content production.These only causes devastating effects on the users of such content.However, internet users could easily prevent such actions by asking permission of the owner to use their information, purchasing the music and games which would be much effective than the act of piracy and copyright infringement.




The increasing access to information on the internet has created more solutions than problems especially in the political field where the citizens of the country get to know more about the government.


As there are more ways of delivering of information about the country to the citizens of the country, like through Straits times news online or even on pages on Facebook, there is more and easier access information about the government on the internet. As a citizen, he or she should know about their country and what is the government doing to improve the country and what else issues are going on so that they can try to solve the problems. So for all this to happen information and reports from the government have to be shared, which is through newspapers and posts if there is no internet. However, even if these kind of information are limited access to the people, there is a high chance that not many people will about the information. However with the increasing access of information on the internet, citizens of the country can go and check out the information at various websites, which can solve many big problems in the nation as well. Moreover if these kind of information is only available in the hard-copy form, there is a high  chance that people would not bother to go and buy to the book or magazine to read about it.


A good example would be the Population White Paper released by the Singapore government, where it can be easily accessed as a online copy on a website called , where all the views and future plans for Singapore are written. This website can easily accessed by anyone with the link and it is an easy way for the people to learn about the future plans for singapore and adjust according to it and try to improve those plans. For instance it was indicated in the population white paper that the government plans to increase the population from 5 million to 6.9 million people, after it was released may opinions and views about the idea came in and were published on the news as well.


As such, the increasing access to informaiton in the internet is more of a boon than a bane where citizens of the country can have easy access to information about the government which can cause major changes in the country and also solve many issues in the country.Though there are more problems like hacking or rumors spread due to increasing access to information online, the benefits from the access to information is more than the problems caused because this way of spreading information online, speeds up many processes in the government faster for instance, evacuation alert due to tsunami warning.


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  1. Valery - no discussion of problem and thus weighing is not useful to aid in understanding

    Darshan - point is incomplete, likewise no discussion of solution.

    Chinni - what do you mean by more ways of delivering information to the citizens? you seem to have the right structure but your expression is blurry.