Thursday, 14 March 2013

PEEL on Socio Cultural - Kuzhalini

Socio-Cultural (More problems than solutions )

The increasing to access information on the internet has created more problems than solutions especially in the area of privacy as many find it hard to keep their information private in the case of groups of individual such as celebrities.

More and more paparazzi take pictures and post it online, in order for entertainment websites to gain popularity. Therefore, celebrities almost (Do not make claims like never)  have no privacy and anyone who has internet access would have access to these photos and information. Furthermore, even when the original photos are being taken down, it will still circulate around due to the fact that many can share these photos again and again causing it to be very difficult to permanently take down the picture.On the other hand it has also contributes a lot of fame and popularity that is needed for a celebrity. Most celebrities get their pay check due to the fact that they get their acts and gigs because they are famous. These online websites boosts their popularity more and this is advantage to them.

A good example to illustrate this point is the celebrity website The first hand information about celebrity whereabouts and juicy gossip has made this website popular among many and that has contributed a lot to the privacy issues faced by celebrities.This poses as a problem as sometimes these celebrities' lives are in danger due to easy accessibility of getting information about their whereabouts.An example would be Princess Diana passing away due to the fact that the paparazzi chased her in the car. This is another down side of the increasing access to information on the internet.

As such, increasing access to information on the inter is actually more of a bane than boon. These celebrity websites should only be made available to the public if this will not cause in the danger of the lives of the celebrities. However if the public really wants to see their favourite celebrity or artist, without being a threat to their lives, they could always go to their concert or meet and greet.


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