Thursday, 14 March 2013

PEEL - Nina

Question: 'The increasing access to information on the internet has caused as many problems as it has solved.' Comment

Stand: The increasing access to information on the Internet has created more problems than it has solved.

- Point
Even though an increasing access to information on the Internet is supposedly meant to solve more problems than create problems, it actually creates more problems than solutions.This trend can be especially seen in copyright laws as more people infringe them and use information without obeying the rules of copyright.

- Explanation
As more information is posted and shared online, more people download, use, distribute and copy information. Most of the time, these are done without keeping to the laws of copyright. People do not ask the owners for permission to use these information and some do not even notice if there it is protected by a copyright law. This has led to many copyright law infringements and illegal uses of information. However, given the massiveness and the fact that it is hard to catch all the criminals of copyright infringement, people generally just use the information accessed in any way they want.

- Evidence
A good example to illutstrate this point is MySpace's illegal uploading and distributing of music by artists who signed under the Universal Music Group. MySpace helped it's users to upload their music videos and reediting them so that they can be shared with other users.

- Linkback / Weighing

Therefore, the increasing access to information on the internet is actually more of a scourge than a blessing. Having access to more information on the internet is only plausible when the rules of copyright are fulfilled. When copyright laws are infringed, people actually earn less money. Thus the copyright laws are to be obeyed or one day the information on the internet would be every where and we would not know who is the creator of a masterpiece.

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